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updated mon 6 sep 04


Kate Johnson on sun 5 sep 04

John, Kathi, all;
> Not so outrageous, I don't think. Ten minutes is one sixth of an
> hour...about sixteen dollars at 100 dollars an hour, eight dollars at
> $50/hour, four dollars at $25/hour. Let's just say $25 dollars an hour
> (which is about minimum wage to survive as a craftsperson) or $4 dollars
> for the mug plus the one dollar materials, plus don't forget all the
> overhead, gas, electricity, insurance, rent or mortgage, shoes, socks,
> aprons and so forth, just make it $2 and you have a $7 mug which is a
> fairly low wholesale price for a $14 dollar mug.

I have GOT to figure out how to make faster pinch pots. I am not at all
competitive, timewise, with a good wheel potter. Not even CLOSE.