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in god we trust

updated mon 6 sep 04


Edouard Bastarache Inc. on sat 4 sep 04

" Teachers should be paid more than brain surgeons.

But, maybe brain surgeons have more brains ....


"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"
Edouard Bastarache
Irreductible Quebecois
Indomitable Quebeker

clennell on sat 4 sep 04

Mel wrote:

> here is my most important broad brush.
> i am convinced after years of teaching that one
> element alone will lead us all to learning and good teaching.
> trust

Dear Mel: In God we trust! All others pay cash.
Teachers can be a little like God. Although I agree that trust is a good
brush to use on opening day, I like to take along another one. I think it is
important that students of all ages know that you like them and like being
back at school to be with them.
Like dogs the students know who is afraid of them or don't like them and
they bite them.
On Tuesday some teachers will return to school with a boil on their arse.
They would rather be anywhere else than back to school. they will have a bad
year. The other fine teachers have probably already been at school and
anxiously await the new crop.
I start out having them know i like them and what I do and then earn their
Teachers should be paid more than brain surgeons.
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