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from the crazy-question kid

updated sun 5 sep 04


Kate Johnson on sat 4 sep 04

For those who might like to see what I'm up to with all this
press-mold/sculpture business, etc., I made a Yahoo album of my traditional
forms, intended mostly for members of one of my other hobbies, living
history reenacting. We're a bunch of fanatics who like to use things as
close to the period we are portraying as possible, so my forms are very
traditional and practical, for the most part. (THEN I go nuts and sculpt a

I am of the opinion/hope that people interested in country decorating or who
own colonial style homes might enjoy my work, as well--the demonstration I
did at Missouri's Fort Osage National Historic Site a few weeks ago was a
great success!

Anyway--le redware album is here: Shot a quick
photo of the flasks last night, obviously still green, so we'll see how they
come out of the kiln next week or so. Two of them are slip-decorated--that
yellowish stuff will turn a rich brown when fired, I found last time.

Comments and suggestions always welcome...

Kate Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts