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kids/worker bees/ivor (long blather) - short now...

updated sat 4 sep 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 3 sep 04

Hi Ivor,

Or as Jules Henry pointed out in the 1950s...if not in these
words exactly...that, essentially,

The most enduring and actual product of our educational
system, has been substitution for conscience, of an
internalized guidence of emotional trauma and humiliation of
public rejection acquired in classrooms, which assumes the
disguise of fear of
failure, or of percieved failure.

Once taught that, all other 'learning' is accomidated on
that platform.

And at the expense of all which it then may not accomidate.

What blandly is catagorized or perceived as competition, is
one of these disguises. As are it's rewards.

This is maybe not quite be the ideal for which we had hoped.

And it provides as well, that the tools for investigating
it, or for electing or implimenting remedials, can or will
turn out to be...just more of it...

el ve

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From: "Ivor and Olive Lewis"

> Thanks for your thoughts Kelly.
> Since you are a teacher you are aware, as many are not, of
> following generalisations;
> That the framework of our current general school
curriculum was
> invented almost 2000 years ago !.
> That, round about grade 1 or 2, children are still taught
that you
> cannot take a big number from a little number but the
teacher who
> tells a child that has no idea of the consequences at year
9 !
> That any and every topic can be used equally well to teach
> Science and Art !
> That most of the teachers who have degrees have always
> successful. but when they meet a learning situation which
thwarts them
> they cannot cope with the emotional trauma of perceived
failure !
> Every teacher knows Rote is the best way to learn!
> When state public and private school systems were invented
to solve
> social problems aristocracy continued to use governesses
and private
> tutors as educators! Which seems to prove your point about
> schooling.
> Best regards,
> Ivor
> Ivor Lewis.