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lark, 500 figures book

updated thu 2 sep 04


Toni Smith on tue 31 aug 04

The 500 Figures in Clay book from Lark is a little gallery in book form. For a potter like me who still has so much to learn, it is like a treasure box. If you can check it out, you will see Clayarter Marta Gloviczki's work on page 77 under Torsos. She was one of my favorites before I had even met her. After corresponding and meeting the lady, you love her work all the more. So I wish I could ask each and every artist with work in the book, "what were your influences?" "Did this piece spring board you to something much different?" "Are you still refining what you started with this piece?" "Do you have a favorite comment or critique which you have heard about it?" "How many similar pieces did you attempt before you were satisfied, if you are ever satisfied?" Just perusing and musing and enjoying all that hard work that went into so many different styles of clay work. I am sure other Clayarters are in this book too. Congratulations to all. Toni Smith in Ohio