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first craft show

updated wed 1 sep 04


ronnie beezer on sun 29 aug 04

Hello everyone:
I will be trying to sell my pots in my first indoor craft show this fall. I would appreciate any suggestions on what would be the best way to display them. My space is roughly 6' by 10'. The facility where the show is being held rents 8' tables if needed. I would like to use some kind of shelving. Is there any place around New Jersey that sells cheap easy to transport and set up shelves that I can purchase? or maybe through the internet? Since it is my first show, I don't want to spend a fortune in case I have to bring all my pots back home.

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Rising Sun Earthworks on mon 30 aug 04

My first couple of craft shows I made a display with wood planks and thos=
wood crates, about 18" x 12" x 9" that you can get at Michael's. I was a=
to store and transport my items in the crates, then use them to build
shelves with the planks. Be sure and drape your table to the floor, thou=
A display just doesn't look nice unless you do, and besides, you can use
the space underneath for storage.=0D
I still use the wood crates for transport, storage and to augment the
shelves I built which are the ladder-rung style so many have mentioned in
the archives. I love my display and the crates can add little niches her=
and there or bring an item up to a different level. And they can't be be=
for storage!=0D
Best of luck to you!=0D
-June =0D
Rising Sun Earthworks

Avril Farley on mon 30 aug 04


You don't say how big your work is, but assuming it is normal size bowl, =
plate, vase whatever, the cheapest and quickest way to display is to =
hire the table, take along a kingsize plain coloured bedsheet to cover =
the table to the floor, several heavy bricks and some planks of wood cut =
to suit, and build your shelving on the table. You can get your work to =
eye level this way. No need to paint the planks if they are well cut, =
but you may wish to paint the bricks with emulsion . If your work is =
rustic style make your own plate stands using some plank off cuts and =
sturdy trimmed nice shaped branch offcuts nailed to the flat wood =
somewhat like this
to provide an interesting stand.

Good luck, hope this helps - p.s. inthe archives you will find a lot of =
helpful advice including Russell Fouts essential 'must take' checklist.

Avril in the Forest, UK

Brenda Funk on tue 31 aug 04

I am also in my first summer of selling, and I'm doing a lot of shows. I
have shelving units that fold flat and go into my car. The supports consist
of a sort of double ladder put together on the long side with a piano hinge.
These open into a "v" shape if viewed from above. Then I have planks of
shelving boards that just slide into the "rungs". My husband built mine,
and took great pride in the job he did - they are furniture quality. But
they could also be very simple. Another thing hubby did for me was to make
the "ladder" narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, so I have 6" shelves
at the top and 12" at the bottom. He did, however, complain that this added
to the complexity. Email me off the list if you want more info.

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I would like to use some kind of shelving.