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grey in soda

updated mon 30 aug 04


clennell on mon 30 aug 04

Sorry I deleted your message but i looked at your photos and the grey you
dislike is the colour i like. I not a fussy about the brown colour. The grey
is the result of early reduction in the body which is trapped by the
residual soda in and around your burner ports. In fact you have carbon
trapping. In our wood kiln I stoke a little wood right on the pots to try
and achieve this grey/green colour.
If the grey is consistent why don't you use a nice complimenting glaze to go
along with it. A dark blue or amber celedon.
I would think you would be excited to receive these variables in your kiln.
it might surprise you that with some planning/testing your least favourite
parts of the kiln can often become your favourite spots.
One of my favourite spots in our wood kiln is near the flue which is usally
a little on the cool side and light reduction- just perfect for my ash
celedon glaze. I was always disappointed there. Now we fight for the spot.
all the best,
getting a little grey myself
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario