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avoiding sales tax on ceramics equipment purchases

updated sat 28 aug 04


flatrockclay on fri 27 aug 04

The large equipment is often shipped directly from the distributor and
therefore can be sold from any retailer. BUT by doing this you are often
taking profits from your local supplier that helps them stay there for all
your other needs. It takes a lot of brushes or quarts of glaze or pounds of
raw material to make the $100-500 profit on the larger items. What you
might think about rather than saving on your taxes is go talk with your
local supplier and see if they can discount the item if you don't use a
credit card or just to keep the money local. Those tax dollars often go
into your local community and without them (catalog and internet sales) we
are seeing rises in property taxes and other taxes. Your local retailer
will often be very willing to work with you and without them where would you
go to get repairs? Sometimes they can't come close enough, but at least you
tried. Happy mud fingers from the birthplace of Wal-Mart -NW Arkansas.

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Subject: avoiding sales tax on ceramics equipment pruchases

I am curious--is it possible to avoid sales tax by purchasing studio
equipment and supplies via the internet? If so, can anyone recommend a
internet-based ceramics supply business? I need to purchase a kiln, wheel,
possibly a slab roller and extruder, plus lots of supplies and hand tools.

Thanks for the help.

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