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avoiding sales tax on ceramics equipment pruchases - david's

updated sat 28 aug 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 26 aug 04


Hi David,

My understanding...

The Use Tax is not a component of your state Income Tax, but
rather, it
is a component of the state's Sale's Tax.

A completely different matter...

...or, to digress a little...

The forms for one's Sales Tax in nevada anyway, are
something one does every month and have to do with one being
in effect, a non-compensated agent of the state, for the
collection from
one's customers, of their money,
for those sale's taxes which the
state levies on them, and expects or obliges you to collect,
in matters of transactions where goods
have been sold to them, by you.

You are, in essence, obliged to be a Tax Collector in this
arrangement, if you sell something to someone that is
construed to be 'goods'.

If there are not per-se specific forms which you may request
to have sent to you, then, I think the forms for the Use Tax
eventuality would be
your routine monthly Sale's Tax ones, to which, if
necessary, if there is no column or bloc for doing so, you
append applicible mentions, and include the correct amount
for this, in your otherwise
routine turning-in of the collected-from-others of monies to
the state.

That is, you send in the applicible amount for the Use Tax
( ie the same formula or per-cent as your own Sale's Tax),
and an appended notation as explains it, along with your
other routine collections, although in
this case, with the Use Tax, it is something you have
'collected' from yourself...and for which
you retain of course, the receipts of purchase of the
out-of-state goods, and
notations of them and of your paymant of the Use Tax as
well, in your Books and general
account's you may, as well as fileing and
retaining your copies of the Sale's Tax forms that you have
sent in and keeping them in chronological order in your
dedicated folders in the drawers of your Office fileing

Like that...far as I know...

Best wishes,

el ve

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From: "David Hendley"


> Of course, almost no one really keeps track of all their
mail-order and
> on-line purchases, and then pays tax on them. In Texas,
where we
> have no state income tax forms, I don't even know how one
would go
> about properly reporting and remitting the taxes due.


> David Hendley