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cone 6 glaze application

updated thu 26 aug 04


Heidi Haugen on tue 24 aug 04

i fire exclusively cone 6 ox and use several mastering cone 6 glazes as
well as others. i am a firm believer in the dipping method for speed,
ease and consistency depending on your work. i mix to a thin cream
thickness and dunk for about 9 seconds. it takes some adjusting each
time i make a new batch of a glaze but not too much.

i know it may sound somewhat vague but like everything, it's just been
about experience. once you've used a glaze for a couple of years, you
recognize what it should look like in the bucket.

like most others, a 10,000 g batch nearly fills a five gallon bucket. i
make primarily domestic ware and only overlay one glaze combination
which requires a different application method.

just another method to try.
heidi haugen, west glacier, mt usa