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surfing with helen bates - eastern us # 2 - august 24th, 2004

updated wed 25 aug 04


Helen Bates on tue 24 aug 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Eastern US # 2 - August 24th, 2004

Greetings all,

Here are a few more of the sites I am continually collecting:.

Jerry Bennett (Two Rivers Pottery) (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
< >
(Paper Clay vessels) Jerry Bennett is a current Clay Studio Resident
Artist producing decorated porcelain and stoneware pottery using thrown
and hand-built parts to construct forms out of paper clay. See also:
< > and:
< > and:
< >
The Clay Studio has many resident studio artists, including: Paul
Donnelly, Kate Doody, Zach Duncan-Tessmer, Rain Harris, Rob Kirsch,
Adelaide Paul, Benji Schulman, Hide Sadohara, Jeff Warnock, Rebekah
Wostrel, and Julie York.

David and Mary Farrell (Westmoore Pottery) (Seagrove, NC, USA)
< >
(The Powells make replicas of historical redware and stoneware pottery)

John Aaron (USA somewhere out West, I think, like maybe Denver, CO?)
< >
Sculptural reliefs on bowls and wall pieces. Social / political
content. Work not limited to clay or even the visual arts.
More by Aaron at Margery Goldberg's Washington, DC, USA Zenith Gallery:
< > and:
< >
Zenith Gallery home page: < >

Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI, USA)
(Independent Web Site)
< >
RISD faculty: Lawrence Bush, Department Head; Jacqueline Rice, Jan
Holcomb, Frank Bosco, Rick Haynes; Alumni: Lesley Baker, Sharon Brush,
Setsuko Kasai, Nermin Kura, Lisa Meier, Eun Jung Park, Patrick Purcell,
Logan Wood; Continuing Ed. faculty: Sharon Pollock-Deluzio; Graduate
Student: Laura langley (2001).

The Antiquities Collection (Cummer Museum) (Florida, USA)
< >
Mosaic with Mask of Silenus, Roman, 1st Century A.D., Stone tesserae and
cement. I just like it! The museum also has some Meissen Porcelain on
view, and some ancient ceramics from Greece and Italy.

The Dwight M. Holland Ceramics Teaching Collection (University of East
Carolina) (Greenville, NC, USA)
< >
Decorative, Storage Vessels, Other Functional, Pouring Vessels, Serving
Vessels, Oral Histories (text format.) This is a very extensive online
collection, well worth visiting. The zoomed images load instantly
quickly on a broadband system, and seem to suffer no apparent loss of

Here's a strange note:
Fake Shenandoah Valley Pottery:
< >
(Maine Antique Digest, April 2004, by David Hewet)
> "They're very good fakes, certainly not run-of-the-mill examples.
> One of them, a stamped John Bell bank, was copied right from my
> book." With those words, Dr. H.E. Comstock of Winchester, Virginia,
> the author of The Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley Region (The Museum
> of Early Southern Decorative Arts, 1994), described the newest group
> of faked antique pottery being sold in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and
> probably elsewhere.

Helen (who hasn't run out of new sites yet - far from it!) ;-)

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