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stacking on the kiln

updated wed 25 aug 04


mel jacobson on tue 24 aug 04


i just stack it..sometimes the work is 80 percent dry...
often it is mostly dry.

i can change during a firing if i have tons of greenware.

this is all about potting rhythm. you have lots of
green want them dry.
put them on a kiln that is firing...gets them dry.
not a complex issue.
no need to worry. of course as i have said before
many times...grog, sand and clay make for a great
body when you are working fast. open bodies dry
and fire well.
tight, white, smooth, talc filled bodes will
crack and break up fast. so, on top the kiln
at 20 percent water may be a mistake.

what works for one...does not mean it works for all.
it depends.
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