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cone 6 workshops?

updated wed 25 aug 04


B. Tate on tue 24 aug 04

Would love to go to a Cone 6 workshop like the one listed below.

I live in So. Cal....

Beth Tate

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From: "Morgan Britt"
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 8:00 AM
Subject: Post workshop thoughts on Northern CA Ron Roy workshop...

> Eighteen participants just completed Ron Roy's Northern California
> 5-day, Cone 6 glaze formulation workshop, "Glaze Formulation...
> Unraveling the Mystery". While most attendees came from all over
> California, we had two who traveled from Alaska and Illinois. What a
> workshop! Ron is a fountain of knowledge and did a great job of
> imparting his expertise to us in a way we could take what we had learned
> and begin to seriously apply it in our own studios.
> The attendees brought with them a variety of experience from beginning
> to advanced. We found that those who were more experienced graciously
> helped the newcomers fill in knowledge gaps so we were all able to
> follow along with Ron at a steady clip. The net result is that every
> single participant walked away with a general working knowledge of the
> basics of glaze formulation, what will typically will make a glaze safe
> and attractive, and how to test to improve or alter glazes.
> What a wonderful group we had. There was not one person who walked away
> without a myriad of exciting new tools in their pocket. Email addresses
> were exchanged and groups are forming to continue studying, testing and
> comparing notes. In addition to oxidation firing, we had about half the
> group interested in learning more about reduction glazes and tests were
> conducted in both atmospheres. The results were viewed and all are
> excited to put our new tools to use. Unraveling the Mystery turned out
> to be a highly appropriate name for the workshop, or at least as much of
> the mystery as can be unraveled at this time.
> Thank you, Ron, for sharing so much of yourself and giving us the
> experience of a truly fantastic workshop. Your patience with our
> questions, so elementary in comparison to your knowledge bank, helped us
> overcome our insecurities while trying to comprehend even the simplest
> of glaze basics. You have given us a new understanding of not only our
> responsibility in creating safe glazes for our buyers, but also tools to
> let us know that we truly do have some element of control over the
> creation of such glazes.
> Sincerely,
> Morgan Britt
> FireArt ClayWorks
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