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updated mon 23 aug 04


David Martin Hershey on sun 22 aug 04

Hi All,

Re Art and the big questions.

Could it be that we just happen to be caught in one of art histories
stagnant eddies?

It's happened before. Quick: can you name three late19th century French
Academy painters off the top of your head? Can you even name one?
They were all selling big at the time...

Certainly other fields are in complete disarray. Is there any current
discipline more lost than contemporary architecture?

On the question of natural God given talent, was there ever another human
being more talented than Mozart? Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"People make a mistake who think that my art has come easily to me. Nobody
has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a
famous master whose music I have not studied over and over."
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

To me, it's all about study, the joy of working hard,
and doing what I was put here to do.
Perhaps Wayne Dyer put it best when he said:
"don't die with your music still in you".

Or someone else said, "Every bird has to sing his own song."

And on the day I stepped off the path well traveled,
this little motto found me:

"The True Artist
must always remain indifferent
to the good opinion of others."

Keep working, keep smiling.

Best, DMH
Beautiful Hermosa Beach CA USA
where the summer has been
wonderfully cool
but they say that the dreaded El Nino
is lurking in the southern ocean...;-)