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updated sun 22 aug 04


Elzbieta Sekula on sat 21 aug 04

Bravo, Vince, Bravo! I can only imagine what it would be like if all
teacher's had this attitude.

In a message dated 8/21/2004 5:46:22 AM Central Standard Time,
vpitelka@DTCCOM.NET writes:
YES! Thank you, Laurie. I've expounded on this repeatedly on Clayart, so
I'll be brief, but for many reasons, our culture does not "expect" everyone
to make art, while many other cultures do. Too many people in our society
have this odd notion that the art must be "good" (whatever that is) to
justify the making of art. No wonder so few people ever become "good" at
art making. It's really like telling someone with poor language skills that
they shouldn't bother to try to talk at all. From now on, only people with
great diction can speak. How about that?

All kids start out as artists, but we break them of the art inclination when
we tell them that the horse has to have four legs and cannot be green and
the colors need to stay inside the lines. I know, you don't tell them that
and I don't tell them that, but too many of their parents, teachers, and
peers tell them that. So, most of the kids give up art and any sense of
being artists.
- Vince