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ego and talent

updated fri 20 aug 04


mel jacobson on thu 19 aug 04

been thinking a great deal about the statement:

`is thinking i am talented an ego trip`, or something like that
from someone this week.

people who get straight A averages and do well
academically never seem to be ego affected when
asked...what is your gpa? `well, 4.0`.
we bow and scrape dutifully.

if we have hand skill, talent, drawing skills, creative
ability in school, do others bow and scrape? not likely.
kids that have talent and skill in the average high
school are usually ignored.

`A `students are adored. ego trips abound.
`walter is going to harvard. then on to law school.
he is a genius you know.` walter can be a total ass
and everyone is impressed.

a kid with talent, energy, skill can also be a genius.
but few will ever know.

don't ever hide talent or skill from anyone.
be proud of it. revel in it. it is a gift.
develop it, work on it and delight that you
have something to offer. it in no way reflects an
ego trip...unless you make it that. and, in most cases
you could not get it to work anyway...your clothes are always
full of mud and your crotch is probably wet. (that is why
potters prefer warm water...cold is too hard on your crotch.)

good god, think how the hollywood types
pimp talent...and, in most cases nothing exists.
that is why they get so politically motivated.
it seems to give them a sense of reality and
intelligence..but, of course, it does not. just more blather.

as i repeat a thousand times.....being a quality crafts person
is a splendid thing to be. when you do the entire craft...
pots, glaze, kiln, firing, chemistry, physics, math, skill, research, study,
plumbing, carpentry, and a thousand other things that
potters do...well, it is to be proud of. really proud.
and, if you can make a few bucks doing it...hell, what a life.
total independence.

some have asked me why i never apply for grants.
it is a pride thing. i do my own grants. to me. don't need
that stuff. i see it all the time. the same names...getting
the money. screw it. i never want to be on that list. make my face red.
i am very proud to be a self reliant crafts person. and, i tell
that to everyone. i call it confidence...not ego. and, i am
very confident. always have been. that makes for a decent days work.
and, will tomorrow.

so, the world does not always understand...hell, the population
does not understand much, or it would not watch reality tv, and think
that justin timberlake and janet jackson are cool.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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