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updated fri 20 aug 04


Wayne on thu 19 aug 04

Cindy and all:That's not quite correct.I use a kiln that is probably =
older than many of the people reading thispost. It is a simple matter =
to simply turn down the switches and thusachieve a slower rate of climb =
for the last hour or two of firing.Of course, that means that (gasp!) =
one actually has to be near the kilnand not throw your work to the mercy =
of Techno... the God of electronic controllers.Sorry, but sometimes the =
old ways are indeed the best.Failing that, you can always create a =
custom program to do the same thing;I'm told that most of the =
electrogizmos allow human intervention Just my 2cents.Wayne =
Seidlunder the pinesSharon VTI have been looking into the problems that =
Mark Strayer has been having
with his spectrum glazes at Cone 6. Something recently struck me and I
wanted some other opinions. I had noticed a while back that the
standard computer programs on Skutt and L&L kilns (others as well, I'm
sure) will DECREASE the rate of climb for the last hour or two of a
firing. I am told this is to achieve better glaze success. Typically
in a Kiln Sitter kiln, the switches are all on high and the elements are
on at full power for the last part of the firing, and controlling the
rate of temperature climb is not really possible. =20