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aftermath of charley

updated sun 15 aug 04


wayne on sat 14 aug 04

We escaped Charley here in Key West, with only the most minor of
damage. We consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to have done

Our hearts go out to those (whether potters or not) in the Punta
Gorda and Port Charlotte area who took the brunt of what turned into
a very severe storm. The devastation is truly catastrophic. It
shocks the senses, then numbs the mind. As one local newscaster
aptly described it " resembles the damage caused by Godzilla
rampaging through Tokyo..."

My thoughts go to all of you in these trying times, and for the days

Wayne Seidl
Key West, Florida, USA
North America, Terra
Latitude 81.45W, Longitude 24.33N
Elevation 3.1 feet (1m)