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how do one handle donations. - bob's confusions...

updated sat 14 aug 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 13 aug 04

Hi Bob,


It would only be fraud if one intentionally ommited entering
the income of the transaction with an intent to defraud, if
one deliberately left the income out of one's accountings,
and or while, having entered the deduction for which a
receipt of purchase and receipt of deduction were retained.

While, an unintended oversight would not be fraud, rather,
it would be a mere, unintended oversight.

Phrased differently, or, in hommage to those now long gone
'Valley Girls'...(sigh...)

"Get Real ! "

Best wishes,

el ve

Whose 'Books' not only delighted the auditors, but they
wished everyone were as friendly, neat, orderly, playful,
good humored and fact, I had them in stitches
at times making 'tax-jokes' of various kinds, and
not something everyone may find 'easy' to, they
raved about my Coffee...

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> pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET writes
> <<<<< ....some kindred other Artist...
> And they each 'buy' one-another's work for some made-up
> inflated or actual or whatever price they decide on...and,
> essentially, (just) trade pieces, (no actual money changed
> hands,)...which, each then 'donates' to the
> whatever-charity-thing...and then, each claims the big
> yassah-massah reciept for the 'write-off' and is,
> just as right-with-the-law, as any poor pilgrim could
> stand...
> Phil, I think that is called tax fraud. If you ever got
an audit,
> you could be asked to produce a receipt for the purchase,
> i.e., proof of the basis for which you are taking the
> Bob Bruch
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