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moving kiln, southern maryland

updated thu 12 aug 04


Barbara Lewis on wed 11 aug 04

Hi everyone: It's been a few years since I've been on Clayart, but I have a
request. I'm moving from one home in Southern Maryland (La Plata) to another
in St. Mary's County, about 35 minutes away. I have a dry-stacked, sprung
arch, brick kiln with two layers of brick, one soft and the other hard. I get
melancholy everytime I think about having to sell the kiln. So, I would like to
ask if there is anyone ... maybe a couple of people ... who would be
interested in helping to move the kiln. I'm willing to pay. And besides monetary
compensation, the new location is located on a river in St. Mary's County,
Maryland noted for great fishing. There are a couple of spare bedrooms at the
house. Maybe make it a "working vacation." If a couple of young, strong-backed
people want to come, get paid to move the kiln, and spend some time fishing,
kayaking, and exploring Southern Maryland, I would love to hear from you. Sorry
this is so long. Thanks, Barbara Lewis