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updated fri 28 may 10


shane mickey on tue 10 aug 04

I am glad that people are discussing wadding, and that someone else is saying what i have suspected for years, the alumina fuses. anyway i spent 3 years experimenting with wadding recipes, yes recipes, some think its overkill, but the colors you can get under the wad are incredible. here is my appproach: i fill the bottom of a wheelbarrow with fine sawdust, add water till its like oatmeal, then add about 10 pounds of blasting sand, 15pounds of play sand, then add fireclay to a slurry like consistency. mix in about 5 pounds of lizzela clay, or a small amount of yellow ochre, then i add more fireclay to stiffin it up, and finish mixing by foot on a tarp on the ground, its alot of work but i go through about 100 lbs of the stuff in my kiln. and the sawdust content is easily half of the batch and i can crunch the wads off with pliers and grind the rest like it was softbrick.
shane mickey

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Bill Merrill on thu 27 may 10

Pre wadding pots before firing will save lots of time. Use Elmers glue
and add a little to the wadding mix. You can use the glue directly on
the foot to hold the wad on the feet. Make sure you use enough wads on
the pot or lid so that it won't warp in firing. You can also roll the
wad in alumina hydrate before gluing the wad on the pot.