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how do one handle donations

updated wed 11 aug 04


Mitch Kotula on tue 10 aug 04

I have also been quite a giver in the interest of
supporting my local communities. However, it has
gotten out of hand.

I now ask, nicely, "What is in it for me"? A little
crass, but after giving away lots of pots, I cannot
recall any sale, from anyone, over the past two years
in western Montana, that is anyway related to an event
or organization.

A typical response is that my name/company/studio will
be listed in the program or that the auction items
will be displayed with my name by it. Goodie. But
otherwise, the "takers" are not in a giving mode.
Rather ironic.

With a little discussion I usually get some form of
payment for the donations. I've received tickets to
events, gift certificates for dinner or purchases.

Lately, I have moved to gift certificates toward
purchases from my studio. THAT is a win-win-win: the
purchaser donates to their charity and gets something
they can spend. The organization gets moola. And the
potter gets a customer who, usually, buys more than
the certificate value and gets to know the potter, the
studio and the wares for sale.

I do the certificates on my computer, in color. Be
sure you have an expiration date, like 6 to 12 months
of validity.

I now get special orders, "Do you do teapots"?, and a
few people have brought friends with them to check me

Recommend you consider wholesale, esp if it is for
something large like a lot of table decoration pots,
or go with gift certificates. In this way you can
support good causes as a partner, rather than as just
a giver.


Mitch Kotula
Development Plus
PO Box 2076
Hamilton, MT 59840-4076
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406-546-6980 (Cell)

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Lori Leary on tue 10 aug 04

When I lived in Pawleys Island, S.C., I once donated a teapot for a
raffle to support a local organization that organized a yearly
community clean-up of the local waterways. The woman that won my
teapot contacted me and asked me if I could make an additional one for
her to give to her mother in law....... but in blue.

I swear this is a true story.

Lori L.
Mountain Top, Pa