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central missouri anyone?(interested in soda firing)

updated wed 11 aug 04


Tracy Cooper on tue 10 aug 04

I am looking to find some other potters in the Central Missouri area to partner up with and do some experimenting with soda firing. Pottery seems practically a dead thing around this area save for a few who make a living at it but are far too busy to be interested. I want to find an old electric kiln and convert it to a gas firing kiln and do some soda in it. Or, that being not feasible, let's just build a kiln loostacked and go from there. There was a great article in Ceramics Monthly about this very subject with details and a firing schedule, it'd be very interesting to try this and see if we couldn't get some of the same results the big boys with alot more resources get in the big wood kilns,(I've heard the results are very similar with careful application of wood ash and soda).

A side note here, ya know, they always say it's just sooooooooooooooooo easy to locate old electric kilns, why just put up an ad and you'll get bunches right? Well I have news for those folks, anyone with an old kiln even if it doesn't work will not just give it away nor will they be easy to locate. Sometimes it seems as if you might as well be advertising for an old nuclear reactor or somethin', at a similar price I might add.

Isn't it funny how they like to make it seem like it's just THAT easy to get things done then you try and NADDA, NUTTIN'! I'm sure none of this is a prob if you have the bucks to make Buck Rogers fly but I'm just a poor artist here in MOOsouri trying to scratch and claw my way to somewhere interesting.

Any interested parties in the Central Missouri area please contact me and we can all put our feelers out in our various areas and locate one or some softbrick. I have a kiln frame all welded up out of steel if there's any brick out there, it'd be great for a medium sized soda kiln. Also any single female potters contact me as it's quite tough to find any.


~In Mid-Missouri where it's been a surprisingly mild summer~
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