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saleable glazes at cone 6

updated wed 11 aug 04


Allyson May on mon 9 aug 04

Hey Tracy,
I don't know if you're looking for a dark green or a light. I have been =
using Ron and John's Spearmint Green on my porcelain pieces and people =
here in my part of Indiana love the color. It seems to sell even better =
than BLUE! Get a copy of Mastering Cone 6 Glazes and give it a try.
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, Indiana

Avril Farley on tue 10 aug 04

Tracy said=20

'I think that to be happy doing clay at all, for me anyway, I have to =
hold true to my own aesthetic and do work that is real special.'
Does anyone have a good green that is saleable and that works well as =
far as firing? I've spent alot of time looking at pottery out there =
and I don't want to just be another potter out there selling, that's =
just not me.'
I'm sorry, Tracy, there are no easy answers, every potter goes through =
this crisis over and over again. You have to keep testing until you are =
satisfied with your work, despite the fact that the public and fashion =
will always make the final decision. No one can provide you instant =
solutions with a glaze palette that is suitable for your style of work =
or firing regime, you must test it for yourself. The archives are a =
wonderful tool, particularly the test input from Alisa in Denmark, as =
is the invaluable advice from Ron and John. Buy their book, 'Mastering =
cone six glazes', or Mike Bailey's 'Cone 6 glazes', and keep testing. =
Make it a policy to test a new glaze and/or shape in every firing you do =
You will get there in the end.

Avril in the Forest of Dean, UK