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oct. giant pit fire party at nottingham arts

updated tue 10 aug 04


terry sullivan on sun 8 aug 04

Ok folks, we are having our oct. pit fire a bit early this year. The
date is Oct. 2nd. a saturday.

I haven't changed the web site yet but the drill is the same.

We will start with decorating stuff for the pit fire around 2 p.m. and
load the pit around 3-4 p.m.
The lighting will be just before sunset and then the party and bbq. /
potluck will begin. As usual there will be potters, woodworkers, glass
workers, and friends in attendance. It is always a mix of artisans from
all over the so. calif. area.

There is camping and RV space here at the center, along with
inexpensive motel space nearby.

You are welcome to bring friends , family, pets ,and whatever.

So bring your pots for the pit fire, a potluck dish for the group,
whatever you want to put on the bbq. and some libations.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts
San Marcos, CA

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