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cone 6 wood fire look/black engobe/article in ceramics monthly

updated mon 9 aug 04


Jonathan Kirkendall on fri 6 aug 04


Up until recently I've been able to access archived articles at - now I can't unless I register you
have to send them an email, but the email keeps getting returned with a
failure notice....grrrrrrrrrr......

Does anyone have the recipe for the black engobe (or maybe a black
glaze?) that Richard Busch published in his article on Cone 6
Wood-Fired Look Glazes (February 2003)?

Jonathan in DC
where it is a surprisingly cool, clear day for August!

Carolynn Palmer on fri 6 aug 04

There were two Black Stains posted on Clayart on May 15 by

Black Stain "A"
24 Black Copper Oxide
02 Cobalt Oxide
49 Manganese Dioxide
05 Nickle Oxide
20 Red Iron Oxide

Black Stain "B"
1 Tablespoon Black Mason Stain #6600
1 Teaspoon Frit 3143
1 Teaspoon Bentonite

"I use a set of measuring spoons and scrape the top level with a straight

Rog Coman on sat 7 aug 04

Hi Jonathon,

I hve the articles and even have all three glaze recipes on my pottery
folder. Send me your e-mail and I will e-mail them back to you. My e-mail is


Rog Coman
Fish Hook Pottery
Montrose, CO