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surfing with helen bates - usa midwest #1 - august 4th., 2004

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Helen Bates on wed 4 aug 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - USA Midwest #1 - August 4th., 2004

Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition (Columbus, OH, USA)

High school students in 15 regions of the state of Ohio are invited to
enter work in the regional judging. The judges for the state judging in
Columbus are chosen from all over the country and are generally
professional artists, college level instructors, or both. From the
12,000 regional entries state jurors select 300 for the actual
exhibition, with 25 of the 300 chosen to receive the Governor's Award of
Excellence. Scholarships are offered to seniors by over 30 universities
and colleges of art, including some from out of state. The wining
entries from 2004 back to 1998 include a number of ceramic pieces and
can be viewed in small format images online.


"Focus on Ceramics" (Indianapolis Art Center)

"Focus on Ceramics" links to a number of artists whose work was shown in
the "Focus on Ceramics" exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center in
conjunction with NCECA 2004. A few links don't work now, but the
majority still do.

Lynn Fisher Studios (Bellaire, MI, USA)

Hand built stoneware or porcelain pottery of leaf-impressed slabs. Very
well done. Decorative aspects are perhaps more important than strict
usability in these functional pieces for the table, but many of them
would be fun to use, just the same, especially for a summer party.

The Saint Louis Art Museum - University City Ceramics (Doat, Robineau)

The Art Academy and Porcelain Works, established by Edward G. Lewis, in
1909 in University City, a suburb of St. Louis. Taxile Doat, a French
ceramist who was an expert on porcelain and high-fire glazes, and
Adelaide Alsop Robineau were hired to run the arts and crafts pottery.
The British-trained potter Frederick Hurten Rhead and his wife Agnes
Rhead also worked in the pottery, along with Emile Diffloth, a French
ceramist who assisted Doat and native St. Louisan Kathryn E. Cherry, who
taught china painting. There is one zoomable photo with work by Doat,
Diffloth, Rhead, and Robineau. It seems evident from the Doat pieces
that he was an expert in macrocrystalline glaze formulation.

The Fiesta Fanatic (Ellen Hochheiser)

For collectors of Fiesta Ware and other Homer Laughlin pottery, this is
a magnificent "picture" site. The Stratoware pieces in the were
designed by Eva Zeisel. The pieces shown are not for sale, though the
owner occasionally may sell some pieces on eBay. In an article on the
site, Ms. Hochheiser, who states that she has a PhD in Environmental
Science with a concentration in radiation science, makes some
interesting comments on the lead and uranium in vintage (pre-1972)
Fiesta ware. She mentions that there is lead in present-day Wedgwood
china and advises against using acid foods in the lead-containing ware,
and also against heating these dishes, including microwaving them, both
of which apparently increase the leaching. She also, in a separate note
advises against bleaching crazed china, stating that the chloring will
get into the clay, causing deterioration, and that it will form crystals
(or a "beard") on the surface of the dinnerware.

Byron Temple Estate - other potters' pots (Ferrin Gallery):
Ferrin Gallery presents twelve of the pots Byron Temple collected on
behalf of his estate at the SOFA Chicago, 2003. The collection: Ruth
Duckworth, Shoji Hamada, Wayne Higby, Bernard Leach, Colin Pearson,
David Shaner, Thomas Suomalian, Takeshi Yasuda. I especially like the
Raku Covered Jar with Decoration by Wayne Higby (1967-68.)

Sharon LaRocca Miranda (Oberlin, OH, USA)

This Clayarter) specializes in turtle and frog boxes; black maiolica
platters; and warmly glazed functional pieces carved with leaves and
vines and sometimes snails. Very nice.




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