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flat rock studio newsletter (long)

updated fri 30 jul 04


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Flat Rock Studio

Clay Supplies & Gallery

2002 S School, Fayetteville

Tues. – Fri. 11 - 5p & Sat 9a - 12noon

Phone 479-521-3181

Fax 479-443-3772

Please leave a message - My hands may be in mud.

Clay Workshops / Moist Clays, Glazes, Hand Tools, Books, Wheels, Kilns, and
Raw Materials

NEWSLETTER August/September 2004

What’s New at Flat Rock

Pottery Classes ! ! ! : - )

We are starting a Throwing & Hand building class. We have 2 sessions

Thurs - Aug 26-Sep 30 / 6:30-9p

Thurs - Oct 14– Nov 18 / 6:30-9p

$185 + lab fee of $25 & $4/hr open studio Sat 9-noon for those enrolled

Call for info or to register 521-3181.

We are also doing a mini workshop for advanced students of CatoSprings who
want to learn about electric kiln firing and glaze work. It will be
conducted Tues. Aug 24 & 31. Class is limited and almost filled. Call for

Tool of the Month is A Book

We have one of the largest collection of Pottery books for sale in the state
and we can get almost any title you are looking for. Books get one from the
beginning how–to’s to idea books and things as advanced as kiln building,
glaze chemistry and pottery history. Come check out our titles and spend a
few minutes getting to know a new book.

Workshop Information

On Sat, Aug 28 1-6 p.m. we will have a workshop on Working with Colored
Clays. It will include mixing colorants in clay and you’ll make a loaf and
learn the basics of working with slabs. Cost is $95. Class size is limited
to 8.

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Sept 11-12 NWA Pottery Mud Festival at FRC and the first annual Art Show in
the Gallery / info at bottom of page.

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Oct 2-3 Steve Branfman will be our visiting artist. His Raku workshop will
be exciting and very informative. He has a couple books out and one on Raku.
He teaches in the Potter’s Shop in Boston, and travels throughout the year
doing workshops in the US and Canada. The 2 day (Sa -Su) workshop is $195
before and Free Slides Fri 7p.m.

The Mud Club - Must Have Clay Books

August 3 at 7 p.m. will be the next meeting of the Mud Club, an informal
gathering of like minded people who enjoy playing in the mud. Please bring
1-3 of your favorite must-have clay books to discuss and show.

October 5 at 7 p.m. we will have another Mud Club meeting and then the
Holiday Mud Club will be Dec 7 at 7p.m.

The Mud Club meets the first Tuesday of the Even months at FRSCS at 7p.m.

Please keep these dates in mind and regularly check the website for updates.

August Special:

Lid Master tools are all 10% off.

September Special:

10% off any New Brent Potters Wheel (ordered and paid for during the month
of Sept—excluding shipping costs but including accessories such as splash
pan, bats, Giffin Grip, stool or extension legs paid for at the same time)

Ramblings of a Mud Girl

By Kelley Wilks

Howdy, there are many facets to doing business the same as there are to
being a full person. I feel that I am growing as a person a little every day
similar to the way FRSCS is growing. When things in our environment change
it often opens doors for us to experience new and different things thus
growing. I have mentioned before about the Taoist belief of being like water
and flowing with the river. Due to a couple pottery facilities nearby
closing their doors to teaching, they have presented an opening here at Flat
Rock. Thus, we are starting a small class in August to compliment the
workshops we already conduct. For me and my growth, I am learning how to
organize and keep all of this going smoothly, although I am human and still
mess-up from time to time. I am learning about people and I am learning
about myself. And by having all these different artists in the studio, I am
learning other ways of working and their rhythms, style, work ethics and
more. I really enjoy learning, and playing with clay has been the best
catalyst for this for me. Porcelain is my chosen medium, but maybe it is
really a metaphor for me. Because, “I” am really the medium that I am
molding and shaping into what is becoming more and more a full person. The
late potter, M.C. Richards wrote a book called “Centering—in Pottery, Poetry
and the Person”. It is on my recommended reading list for any potter (and
most people). Enjoy and Happy mud fingers ! ! !

September Pottery Show & Sale

This is a competition of sculptural and functional clay works made by local
Arkansas and Oklahoma artists. The exhibition will run from Sept 7– Oct 3,
2004 and will coincide with the second annual Fayetteville Mud Festival.
Sept 11-12 in the FRSCS parking lot.

• Artist must reside in one of the two states.

• $10 entry with 2 works max

• Actual works must be present for jury process

• All works are for sale w/ a 40% consignment fee

• Best of show getting purchase award or solo show (tbd)

• All works must be at FRSCS by noon Sat Aug 21

• All works not accepted must be picked up within one week of notification
(approx 3-7 days after deadline) and

• All works not sold must be picked up within one week of end of exhibit
(you will be notified).

• FRSCS is not liable for any losses or breakage while in our possession or
in transit.

• Artist is responsible for any postage for returned works.

We are talking with some local businesses about purchase awards and solo
exhibitions for the winner.

The judge is Phyllis King, multi-media & clay artist from Fort Worth. She
has juried many exhibitions. She reviews portfolios for the Art Institute of
Chicago along with being an art educator with the FW ISD.

Deliver to ………. Flat Rock Studio Clay Supplies

By Noon 2oo2 S School Ave (Hwy 71 South)

Sat, Aug 21 Fayetteville, AR 72701

Fayetteville Mud Festival.

Sept 11-12 at FRSCS in conjunction with the Fayetteville Fine Arts weekend &
Studio and Gallery tour. Booth fees are $20 for a 10x10 space (and elect if
needed). The festival is from 10am—5pm both days and booths must be attended
the whole time (can share). There’s a fee of 15% if the first $200 sales per

Reserve your space now by calling 479-521-3181

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Thank you and Happy Mud Fingers!
Flat Rock Studio Clay Supplies & Gallery
2002 S School, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Thirty spokes are made one by holes in a hub
By vacancies joining them for a wheel's use;
The use of clay in molding pitchers
Comes from the hollow of its absence;
Doors, windows, in a house
Are used for their emptiness;
Thus we are helped by what is not
To use what is.
11 - Lao Tzu