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duncan concepts underglaze

updated thu 29 jul 04


Elly Dotseth on mon 26 jul 04

I'm trying to find out if anybody out there has ever fired Duncan Concepts
underglazes on green ware, and if so, what was the result? It says the
product is made to be used on bisqued ware that has been fired to cone 04,
but I don't want to fire these things twice. The project I'm working on is
not going to be used for food. --Elly Dotseth

Brant Palley on wed 28 jul 04

Concepts (by Duncan) fire fine on greenware as long as you dont cover the
whole tile or pot with glaze. They are shiny majollica glazes and work
from cone 06 to 6. see
for available colors.

The first coat is translucent. The second is semi-opaque. The third is
opaque. Normal use is to apply 1-3 coats on bisque, let dry and cover with
two coats of your favorite clear glaze.

Use them as Majolica paints on top of unfired non-moving opaque white or
light covered glaze. No need to clear glaze as Concepts are shiny when
fired. Try using them on tile, at cone 6 (on appropriate clay), in a spray
bottle as a color wash, these paints are versatile.

Brant Palley
New Mexico Clay