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cone 6 teadust glaze test,(ron roy)

updated wed 28 jul 04


Tracy Cooper on tue 27 jul 04

HI Ron.......thank you for recommending a fix to the glaze, I will be sure to try a new test batch again as I like the look of Teadust. I decided that since this test batch resembled Reitz green that I'd just toss in some copper and make it a cone 6 Reitz, ............amusing? I figured, heck, I have a whole 1,000 grams of the stuff might as well play around with it.

This was the recipe:

Source:Clayart archives.

Fired on cone 6 porcelain in oxidation.

Potash feldspar 23
Neph. 23
EPK 14
silica 5
whiting 10
red iron oxide 5
manganese diox. 5
rutile 5
talc 5


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