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marketing to misers

updated tue 27 jul 04


Geoffrey Gaskell on sun 25 jul 04

There are times when the potential market consists not of wealthy
collectors, but rather of miserable misers & bargain hunters. Do not
despair. It is still possible to sell one's productions to this
substantial sector of the market. Here are a few essential tips for
those sensible businesspeople who have done their "market research" and
wish to target the disposible income of Misers for their own bread,
butter & water (other things might be too expensive).

1. Don't spend too much time & effort on the individual piece. It is
more economical to slip cast or throw a few things on the wheel. Choose
attractive random patterns of glaze to keep expenditure of time & effort
to a minimum. Always remember, when dealing with misers, one must become
miserly oneself.

2. Set dirt cheap prices, but have a few expensive items for sale as
well. Ideally the expensive items should closely resemble the items
which a very cheap. Of course the misers will steer well clear of the
expensive items, choosing instead to purchase "a real bargain".

3. If you are ever participating in a auction, it is often possible to
extract a little more from the deep pockets of a miser. Make sure your
items are up for sale in the first half of the auction, not too early
though. Let us suppose you have 3 items for sale. Get a friend or family
member to place an opening absentee bid on your first item. This should
still be cheap, but a little more than most misers would be willing to
offer as an opening bid. Having artificially inflated the price your
first item should sell for a reasonable price, though the miser who
purchased it will still feel that he or she is getting "a reasonable
bargain". Set the reserve price on the second item a little higher & on
the third item a little higher still. This makes good use of miser
psychology for these two items are likely to sell for "a good price".
The misers will feel a little out of their comfort zone, but they will
dig a little deeper into their pockets for fear of "missing a bargain".

Geoffrey Gaskell

Lee Love on mon 26 jul 04

Forget the Misers: You'll never break even having to pay people to
buy your pots. ;-)

Noun: miser `mIzu:

A stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)

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