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teapot lid air holes

updated tue 20 jul 04


Vince Pitelka on mon 19 jul 04

Mel wrote:
> my point is:
> put a hole in the cover of your teapot. it aids
> in the proper flow of tea into the cup.
> if you did not do well in high school science you
> can still understand it. and do. (however, many
> people still believe the hole in the cover is `let steam out`.)

Yes, this is one of my pet peeves. So many people call it a steam hole, but
it is not - it is an air hole. If a teapot lid fits well, and if the
contact surface is wet, it will seal well enough to cause the pouring tea to
go "glug glug glug" as bubbles must pass back up the spout, and as Mel says,
the tea splatters all over the place. You place a small hole in the lid,
and air can enter as the tea pours out. So why don't we all call it an air
hole, okay?
Best wishes -
- Vince,
writing from the mountains of far northern California along the Klamath
River, where it was suppose to be blazing hot today, but instead it is cool
and raining, which is a blessing for this part of the country. That's okay,
I'll stay indoors and play the new Collings D-1 guitar (made in Austin, TX)
I got in Arcata two days ago. My goodness what a fine piece of work!