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pit firing archaeologists and replicators

updated thu 22 jul 04


William Lucius on wed 21 jul 04

The Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research (IACR) will be hosting =
the 2nd Annual Leupp Kiln Conference in Bluff, Utah in conjunction with =
the 77th Annual Pecos Conference (these conferences get their names from =
where they were first held), August 12-15, 2004. Unless there are fire =
bans, we will fire various greenware pots made of native clays in =
various pit kilns on Friday and Saturday. More then 200 Southwestern =
archeologists in usually attend the Pecos conference and we hope to draw =
at least 6 archaeologist potters and/or replilcators.

On Sunday we will lead an expedition to look at prehistoric kilns and =
collect native red, white and gray clays in the Blanding, Utah area. If =
you are interested in attending to help or just to observe, please come! =
For general information go to =>. We can be contacted at = for particulars. We hope to see you =
in Bluff! =20

Willam A. Lucius and Irene Lopez-Wessell