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lily's post/safety

updated fri 16 jul 04


mel jacobson on thu 15 jul 04

the problem is:

we do not know how many potters died
in the early old they were,
what they died from. no records.

how many dentists from the early
years had fingers and hands curl up and
rot off from holding x-ray film with
their fingers.?

how many died from working with radium dials
on watches? many.

how many asbestos workers are dead?

the old days were very dangerous.

electrical workers. wham. power line workers. wham.
a thousand a year from alaska to mexico.

did we ever hear about it? no.

most thought is was a good job.
most still think most things are safe.

ask a fireman what it is like to put out a car
fire? dangerous. fumes that will kill you in
minutes. plastic burning.
next time you see a car fire...note that
all the firemen have oxygen masks on.

i still think that normal, reasonable clean up
in a studio is fine. use water. don't use barium,
manganese etc. don't make dust...don't have a
lot of canvas loaded with clay. normal stuff.
but, without question, i like feldspar/silica and
clay in my glazes. simple, cone 10...tight
and vitrified. i do not have to toss and turn
at night. and, i do not make oven/cook ware
any longer. i listen to the experts/pay attention.
and, anyone can claim anything. often people do
not know what they are claiming. i often smile
at acc show, others...i never say i am a potter...ask
questions like `this stuff safe, will it hurt me?`
you cannot believe the answers i get. i just smile.
it seems that everything, everyone makes, is the best
and totally safe. raku, lead, it is all wonderful. just so
it matches my color scheme.

and, i have my lungs checked every two years.
still in great shape.
have a heart/lung scan/it
same price as having your car tuned up/ $350.00/
interesting how many people will take better care
of their car then themselves.

i agree with lily, care and concern...don't be a dope.
mmmm, i like that.
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