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glaze test/falls creek shino cone 6 ox.

updated wed 21 jul 04


Tracy Cooper on tue 20 jul 04

Hey everyone I just did a test of this glaze(actually two) and the results are:
Opaque tan where thick breaking reddish brown where thinner and on shoulders. It does look like a shino to an extent but of course isn't. I think it would be a nice glaze for sculptural pieces or works with areas it can break on.

This glaze likes to be relatively thick, hence the reason for my second glaze test. The first was too thin and just yielded an awful brown, very boring, almost just a stain. Thicken it up and it does make a decent glaze. No appreciable runs or drips, very stable. The dirty tan where thicker gives the overall feel of higher fired work and may be nice if you want that effect from cone 6. As a glaze in and of itself(singularly)I'd say it's not enough, maybe an accent glaze would liven it up some.

I'm looking into testing the Golden Fake Ash glaze from a recipe from here so maybe those two would work well.
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