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: spraying underglazes

updated mon 19 jul 04


Sharon Wetherby on sun 18 jul 04

This is interesting. About a year ago I used the Amaco Velvet Underglazes
to decorate 6-inch tiles for a coffee table. I noticed that the label
indicated that these underglazes were "Not for spray application." I could
have sworn that I'd sprayed them in the past. After reading this weekend's
posts, I've checked three bottles and find the same statement on two of
them. These two are labeled as being Amaco Velvet Underglazes, V Series.
The one without the "no spraying" warning is an older bottle labeled Gare
Reward Velvet.

Sharon Wetherby
Fort Worth, TX

Cynthia Bracker wrote:

Hmm. I looked in the AMACO catalog and all the velvets are marked as safe
for spray application. I went to my shelves and checked a few of them and
couldn't find anywhere were it said they were not safe for spraying. Is it
possible that you got some of the sunstroke series mixed up with the
velvets? Sunstrokes have a pink label while Velvets are green. If it is
indeed a velvet, which color was it? And where on the label was it written?
Cindy Bracker Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.