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salt/soda kiln questions

updated sun 11 jul 04


MudPuppy on sat 10 jul 04

The element in my small ^6 Skutt kiln broke, and as I am growing away =
from mid-range and oxidation firimg, I am looking to put it to another =
I have a larger converted electric kiln that I use for high firing, and =
a home made trashcan raku kiln that I love using, so I was thinking of =
using the small Skutt for either salt/soda or wood/smoke firing, if =
either of those options is realistic.

Someone told me that salt/soda will quickly eat through the soft brick =
of the kiln and I will not get more than a few firings before the kiln =
is useless.
I have some hi temp ceramic fiber board here and was wondering if that =
might prolong the kiln's life, or if anyone out there has any other =
suggestions, either for how to salt/soda fire in this kiln or maye other =
firing techniques I might use for this kiln.

Thanks for any input!

Cathi Newlin
nobody likes a jealous clown!
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