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surfing with helen bates - arizona, nevada, new mexico, texas,

updated fri 9 jul 04


Helen Bates on thu 8 jul 04

Colorado - July 8th., 2004

Surfing with Helen Bates - Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado
- July 8th., 2004

Michael Stanton (Santa Fe Pottery) (Santa Fe, NM, USA)
(Started by potters Frank Willett and Louise Baldinger.)

Potters: Alejandra Almuelle, Blair Meerfeld, Caroline Koons, David
Gibson, Donna Winchell, Frank Willett, Jack Charney, Janet Lever, Janice
Cook, Jarrett West, Kathy-Jo Lovell, Kenyon Thomas, Loren Lukens, Louise
(Luisa) Baldinger Willett, Maggie Beyeler, Maxine Chelini, Melissa
Simes, Michael Stanton, Andrew Sanders and Mia Endo, Nausika Richardson,
Kathy Rigg and Jake Wilson, Peggy Gaustad, Tim Sierra.

Martha Hopkins Struever (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

(Native American Indian Pottery and Ceramics)

Eron Johnson (Eron Johnson Antiques) (Denver, CO, USA)

Use the drop-down menu to scroll down to the entry for Ceramics/Glass.
From this point you will find links to several ceramics directories,
including Asian pottery and tiles, and Mexican pieces.

Texas Beyond History (University of Texas at Austin) (Austin, TX, USA)

Plains Villagers of the Texas Panhandle: Borger Cordmarked Pottery;
(Step-by-Step instructions for making cordmarked pottery )

John Aaron (Modernarf) (Boulder, CO, USA?)

For quick navigation, click on the text:
"To The East Wing! The newest work: 2001 & Beyond!"
Then click "The Art" and then on any of the thumbnails to go to the
various categories of ceramic sculptural work, much of which is done in
relief style on plates.

Juan Granados (Texas Tech U., TX, USA)

Granados is an associate professor of art at TTU.
(This is a more complete site than one I may have sent previously for
this artist.)

Chandler Dayton (Alexander Dawson School) (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Ceramics program at this independent elementary school with syllabi,
galleries, links to visiting artists, and to NCECA and National K-12
ceramics contests. Teacher: Chandler Dayton.


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