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updated wed 7 jul 04


Edy Lynn on tue 6 jul 04

Oh Lisa and the rest of Clayart who might be interested,
They Work!!
I have 9 (out of my 14) grandkids who have visited and lived with me. I =
know the worst messes that kids and sloppy grown ups can do.
Mr Clean cleaning sponges are the best! Crayon, pencil, fingerprints =
-even made by mechanic son- and just bout anything else comes off the =
walls and floor. Better than steel wool. Saved me from having to paint =
the stairwell! Caution- once you get started you can't stop finding =
stuff to challenge it. Ink and Magic Marker may need some alcohol to =
bust it up. Cleans scuffy shoes too. I would buy in bulk if I could!
Pine Sol that the dirt sinks to the bottom is pretty good too but =
Powdered Spic and Span gets thru the grease better especially in the =
kitchen. It does let the dirt sink to the bottom so if you are into =
light mopping it's OK. USed it to clean the floor in my new basement =
studio! Did a good job! Smells good too
Edy Lynn