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need potters for belize to teach

updated wed 7 jul 04


Billie Mitchell on tue 6 jul 04

i need potters to travel to belize to teach... the time i need mostly is
this fall right now. i am trying to get some tickets to fly there donated
but there is no guarantee that i will be able to pull this off. so you will
be responsible for all of your expenses at this date. the cost of travel is
about 300 to 500 roundtrip. it costs about 75 for two weeks stay in a room
with indoor plumbing. some rooms come with meals. some of you have saw my
slides at nceca and know how great of an experience this is. they not only
learned from me but taught me alot.
i know that some of you would be concerned with a safty issue. i felt
completely safe while i was there. it was an experience of a lifetime. i
made some life long freinds there. they made me promise that i would come
back and get more potters to come. these people are very thankful for the
chance of improving their lives. they are very talented and learn very
quickly. they have one kickwheel, an area to handbuild, a propane kiln,
pitfire, and a wood kiln. they will go out and dig and process clay before
you come so you wont have to deal with that.
email me at my new email address if you are interested.

thanks billie mitchell