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robin hopper workshop in sunnyvale, ca

updated tue 6 jul 04


Bob Nicholson on mon 5 jul 04

Functional Pottery - Design and Development
with Robin Hopper

October 2-3, 2004

This workshop is totally concerned with the design and development
of wheel-thrown pottery. Special attention will be given to the details
of form, lids, spouts, handles and feet. Specific objects include pots
for eating and drinking from, cooking in, storing in and serving from.
Among these will be teapots, casseroles, storage vessels, mugs,
goblets, pitchers, plates and bowls as well as various serving utensils
based on ethnic and historical examples. This workshop would also
include discussion on clays, glazes and surface enrichment for
functional pottery. There will also be slide and video presentations
and plenty of opportunity for questions.

Location: Mother Earth Clay Art Center, Sunnyvale, CA

FEE: $125

For more information, visit