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new kilnsitter

updated fri 25 jun 04


Brad Sondahl on thu 24 jun 04

When I've had the problem of melted cones/overfiring, I've fixed it with
replacing the tube assembly, which is strictly mechanical, just flips
the trip lever down (they come in several lenghths, so measure the
length before contacting a pottery supplier) The other thing on kiln
sitters that tends to go bad are the contacts, in a porcelain block,
which can also be replaced separately, but you know you need to replace
these when the kiln won't turn ON when you push the button.. The
electrician, not knowing much about kiln sitters, opted for the modular
replacement theory--replace the whole troublesome module. In this
case, replacing the tube assembly should be sufficient to fix the problem .

Brad Sondahl

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