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price negotiation(bruce baker)

updated wed 23 jun 04


Jennifer Boyer on sun 20 jun 04

I have to chime in here to promote Bruce's tape. He has a lot of great
advice. The tape is a recording of a workshop he gives. Here in VT
(Bruce is a Jeweler in Middlebury and his wife owns a craft gallery)
we've had many opportunities to see Bruce, but if any of you have a
guild that gives workshops consider getting him. He gives great advice.
He does a bunch of different talks including one on designing a good
show booth.

One example of Bruce's theories:

When someone is in your booth or shop browsing and shows a bit of
interest, what is your icebreaker first sentence? If it's "can I help
you?" you need Bruce's tape. That's a big no-no: they can say "no
thanks" and that slams the door to more dialogue... If you say
something like "please let me know if I can answer any questions" or
something like that, they say "oh, thanks" and the door remains open.

Bruce's Web Site:

Jennifer, who never gives discounts....but DOES sell seconds.

On Jun 19, 2004, at 2:10 PM, Jeanette Harris wrote:

>> Toni Smith said
>> It will be expected of you. And for some people, its never enough.
> Makes me think of the Bruce Baker tape on selling. When someone
> complains that the price is too much, a good answer is "Some things
> are not for everyone."
> just google "Be a Dynamic Seller"
> --
> Jeanette Harris
> in Poulsbo WA
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Jennifer Boyer
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Ivor and Olive Lewis on mon 21 jun 04

I had a look at there is an enormous amount
of information for any one who is selling or working as a business.
Well worth a visit.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.