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visitors in mashiko ; was: mixing shinos question, soda ash film

updated sat 12 jun 04


Lee Love on fri 11 jun 04

John Britt wrote:

>How about we give Ron a break? ... he deserves a break!
*Haha!* Okay, okay... Your turn John? Please say something amusing about "The Unknown Craftman." ;-) I will be gentle. *SHIWINGGGG!*

Just finished touring Mashiko with Bayard from Tennessee and Phoebe from Arizona. They were at the Shigaraki clay center for a couple weeks. Bayard gave me an anagama fired piece that could have come from my kiln. :-) I gave Bayard and Phoebe a medallion of Shigaraki clay and also buttons I made that say in Japanese characters: "I HEART MingeSota." Spent most of the time at the Hamada Reference Museum. I took a bunch of slides on my old (new to me from Ebay) Nikon.

Tomoo Hamada (Shoji Hamada's Grandson) had an opening at the Kanoya gallery (the gallery where the Matsuzaki show was at when Tony was here.) Tomoo makes extensive use of "window Kaki" enamel decoration (Yes, there is lead in the enamel. *Spank, Spank!*) I also saw a new Sage Nuka he is using. I am guessing he is using some nickel in his Sage, because it was bluish. A nice, "Hot Rod" metallic blue. I explained to the gallery owners and Tomoo that Bayard was a student of Randy Johnson's which sparked a long conversation about relationships between Minnesota and Mashiko.

Had to hurry home, but I drove a circle before dropping them off, pointing out the best galleries and the two Pottery materials stores in Mashiko and then dropped them off at the far end of main street.

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