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the rain in texas falls mainly on i 35 and i 37

updated sat 12 jun 04


Hendrix, Taylor J. on thu 10 jun 04

Howdy y'all:

Sorry about not having anything useful to say about such weighty
subjects as soda ass and crystalline lassies. Sorry also that this
won't be of much use to people either. Sigh...we all hope for the
perfect world.

I took me a little trip south to Rockport, TX on Tuesday. Drove down in
rain. That's six hours of wet Texas roads and crazy Texas drivers.
Driving back on Wednesday evening, the only change was the strength of
the downpour--it was heavier. I was beginning to feel like Yessah, and
wondering if Noah had forgotten and left without me.

The trip was by no means a failure. The wife's business for being in
Rockport went off swimmingly and I was able to see a few things around
town including Rockport's Center for the Arts. =20

Now, I have been a good citizen of ClayTown (I hope) and have tried not
to reap where I have not sown, rather buttoned the lips and opened the
eyes. Whenever I see the chance to look at the works of ClayTown and
learn by the looking, I do so. I have seen quite a few pieces of fellow
clayarters over the two years I have been on this list. Has it done me
for? I dunno. I am also fortunate enough to possess pieces from 6
clayarters. Has THAT done me for? I dunno, but they sure look purdy.
Looking is learning, seeing is believing?--what does that mean?

You can imagine my delight when, passing the door to the administrative
office of Rockport's Center for the Arts, I spied three pots sitting
atop a half wall and I knew instantly that I was looking at a Neese
(Dale Tex) and two Salazars (Jim Bob). I remembered that July 3rd and
4th will be the Rockport Arts Festival and the pots must be queuing up
already. Boy, I hope I have the chance to go, look and see. Y'all
aught'a make it a point to do the same, wherever you are, where you are.

peeps open,

Taylor, in Waco