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soda ash use in non-shino glazes

updated sun 13 jun 04


Lee Love on sat 12 jun 04

I have a question for David: Are your glazes with soda ash in them
that you use for leather hard application, also useful when trying to
reglaze or glazing something that might have been bisqued too high?

You can read Hendley's article. It can be found here:

Short quote:

"Thixotropy is the phenomenon whereby slips change their
fluidity, depending on whether they are agitated or left to rest,
becoming more fluid when stirred and more viscous when undisturbed.
Soda ash is my material of choice for making a slip that is
fluid with the addition of very little water (deflocculated) and will
set quickly when painted on a vertical surface (thixotropic)."

Lee in Mashiko, Japan Commentary On Pottery