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show setup

updated fri 18 jun 04


The Sherman's on thu 17 jun 04


The first thing I would do is measure the interior of your vehicle. What is
the greatest length inside the Rav 4 when you are driving with the seat in
a comfortable position? I have 6 foot shelving units and made sure they
would fit inside my Blazer when I bought it. You may have only 5 feet to
work with. Also be aware many shows won't let you have units more than 6
feet tall.

Next get yourself an S.O. who likes power tools or do it yourself if you are
so inclined. My hubby borrowed a drill press from a friend. He took 1 in x
2 in white pine stock and drilled a series of holes 1 foot apart to put
dowels in to create 6 six foot ladder forms. On 2 pairs we added hinges so
they could be folded out to 90 degrees. We then took 4 and 6 foot 1 x 10
boards and drilled peg holes in each end. When the pegs are in place they
fit over the ladder dowels and are secure. When the pegs are out the
shelves are flat and lay nicely in the back of the Blazer or in the storage
space. I finished them with a clear polyurethane so the shelves are a light
yellow color. I have enough boards to have a shelf in each position but
often leave one out for taller ware. The best thing about the system is it
cam be configured to whatever space I need, just using all or part of the
system. If I use all of it the U shaped unit measures 8 feet along the
back, 4 feet along 1 "arm" and 6 feet along the other and fits nicely in my
10 x10 tent. The corners of the U are the hinged ladders while the ends are
singles. Over time I've bough a number of the flip top plastic storage
boxes when I found them on sale. A stack of 2 fit nicely in the blazer and
I can fit 12 around the stack of shelves and still have enough room for the
hand truck.

When I place things on the shelves for a show I generally use the bottom 2
shelves for repeats. While a few people will bend over to see ware on the
bottom shelf I tend to pick that ware up to show to people when they are
interested in a piece but want a little different shade or shape.
I'm going to be setting up this weekend for the Art League of Long Island's
Art in the Park in Heckscher Park, Huntington, NY, 10a-5p, both Sat & Sun.
(Yes, a shameless plug!) I'm planning to take a few pictures of the setup
and am willing to email a few to folks if they email me off list.

Did it take time to make the unit- a bunch, but I have a very nice setup
that can be modified to fit whatever space I am assigned in a show. Also
they are light and I can put them up by myself if needed. They are starting
to show a little age and I'm planning to do a light sanding and recoat with
polyurethane to spruce them up again.

All I can say about the jewelry folks is I think we have more fun making

Marcey Sherman
Zephyr Pottery
1/2 way out Long Island, NY, USA, where it is a bit warm and muggy but since
I'm a Florida transplant all I can say is it is still pretty comfortable.

Stephanie Marder wrote re: show displays-

I would like to rekindle this discussion.
I use tables and milk boxes (which I haul my stuff in) with shelves over
them and then draped.
I need help with color of drape. Oh - who am I kidding, I need help with it
all. and maybe shelving units?
I have a Rav 4 which I haul a tent and tables and pots (in milk carts) and
as I am driving down the street I am stuffed into the far left hand side of
the drivers seat under a table. Not good. One day someone will hit me and
I will be beheaded or something worse.

I look at the jewelry people and there set up and long for lighter pots.
And then listen to them bitch about set-up and I ... snicker. Must be hard
lifting all those necklaces on to those plastic stands. Oh and those
Bad. stop now.

Anyone have neat shelves that brake down and are LITE???
Easy???? Nice looking? Gallery-esk????
Classy???? Pictures????