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fwd: hamer 5ed details

updated sat 12 jun 04


Cynthia Bracker on fri 11 jun 04

Hello all,

As promised, here is a brief synopsis of the differences between 1st and
5th edition. I've attached a pdf of the index and below is some
additional information I gathered from the book itself. I'd be happy to
address specific requests as well, for instance whether the information
on cristoballite has been updated or not, etc. Please forgive typos as I
was trying to get the information out to you all as quickly as possible!
If you cannot view the pdf, you can also look at the index, the
following information, and the new cover through the following link:

Cindy Bracker
Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.

From the fifth edition preface...
“ This fifth edition has been completely revised, expanded and updated.
Frank and Janet Hamer work closely on every part. Each researches and
writes, discusses the other’s facts and wording repeatedly until the
most accurate and clearest explanations are composed. Building on
expansions made in previous editions, this edition presents
significantly more comprehensive information on a number of topics. New
research has prompted enlargement of the articles on Crystalline glazes,
Auto-reduction, Stains, Insulation and specialized forming and firing
techniques, as well as new subjects. Additional photographs illustrate
the work of today’s inventive and skillful potters.
A third colour section breaks new ground by presenting the essential
understanding of types of ware--raku, maiolica, crystalline glazes, salt
and soda, stoneware and porcelain--in an original visual format. The use
of colour in graphs and diagrams brings an added dimension which makes
facts readily accessible and connects the rules of process with
creativity. These illustrations represent specific situations and must
be read only as diagrams in context.
Chemical names of pottery materials and compounds have been brought
up-to-date and now accord with international recommendations. Details of
this very important change are given in a footnote, see page ix.
Health and safety are now widely and thoroughly covered in official
literature. Recommendations and requirements are detailed in most
suppliers’ catalogues. This edition brings the details together pointing
out sensible working practice. Because raw lead and some other toxic
materials are no longer used, or indeed available, the articles on the
hazards from these are much reduced. Readers wishing to study these
materials, especially the historical use, problems etc., must now refer
to earlier editions. The space has been used for positive contemporary
ideas and visual input via extra photographs, for example under Extrusion.”

1st edition 5th edition
• 349 pages • 437 pages
• no color • 48 color pages (82 color plates)
• nearly 300 line drawings • 425 b/w photos, over 300 diagrams
• 31 appendices • 48 appendices
• 325 actual dictionary pages (not appendices) • 394 actual dictionary pages
• published by Watson Guptill • published by A&C Black/U. Penn Press
• retail price at time of publication $25.00 • retail price $59.95