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updated thu 17 jun 04


Barbara Brown on wed 16 jun 04

Does any one have a copy of the 1980 Jan-Feb issue of Arts in Asia
In getting ready for my trip to Korea in August I am doing a lot of
reading about Korea and Korean pottery. The 1981 july/august issue is
a special Korean issue and it mentions an article in the jan/feb 1980
about 19th century stamps (porcelain) for pressing patterns on rice
cakes. I would love to have a zerox copy of this article. Be glad to
pay copy fee and postage. I went on the internet to look for back
issues but this is one that is not available.
I own 2 of these Korean porcelain stamps and recently gave one to
Maurice Weitman and want to learn more about them. One book I have,
Korea's Pottery Heritage vol 1 by Edward B. Adams shows a picture of
some of the patterns and says the stamps are available in antique stores
in Korea so it will be fun to look at them there.

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