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matt long video is now on dvd!

updated fri 11 jun 04


Matthew Mickelson on thu 10 jun 04

The Matt Long video "Vessels for Victory" is now available on DVD and =
both the VHS and DVD are available online at =

Matt Long: Vessels for Victory - Line, Gesture and Movement is an =
instructional video that brings together process and passion. While =
sharing his reasons for making functional pottery, his influences as =
well as his perspectives on life, family and camaraderie, Matt Long =
demonstrates his techniques for making his signature drinking vessels, =
including his cups, whiskey jugs, hip flasks, bourbon bottles and more. =


Using the transformative qualities of porcelain, along with the =
potential of line, gesture and movement, Long explores how "pots have a =
nature of their own -- a soul, a breath of reality -- that is inherently =
guided by their maker." Long guides us through his entire creative =
process, beginning with his wheel techniques, his heavy slip application =
and finishing with a cone 10 soda firing. =20

The new DVD has extra scenes!! See Matt demonstrate how to make his =
bowls and his mint julep cups, and watch him jam some bluegrass with =
some pals. =20

The DVD is $34.95 and the VHS is $29.95. You can send a check including =
$4 shipping and handling to Lucky Dog Productions, 6214 Cross Country =
Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21215 or you can purchase either online at = (*note - to purchase online, there is an =
additional charge of $1.50)

Produced by Matthew Mickelson and Leigh Taylor Mickelson of Lucky Dog =

Contact us at or by phone =

For more info on Matt Long visit